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PICOT Question
The essentials of doctorate of nursing practices require that the advance practice nurse formulate a framework for operation of evidence-based nursing. To practice evidence-based nursing, however, it is also necessary to develop a properly formulated question about the patient population, the intervention, a comparison, and outcome (Zaccagnini & White 2014). Becoming proficient in the ability to perform this data collection will enhance the advance practice nurse capabilities of appropriately developing an evidence-based study that will bring about an effective change to all in the health care industry.
The increase in falls and falls with major injuries in older adults is the practice issue that has contributed to this study.
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The management of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to falls can demonstrate quality care improvements. The goal of this program is to decrease the morbidity and mortality rates in this age group acquired from a fall. As an incidence of falls there has been many that failed to comply with the needs of our older adults. Patient-centered quality care measures have been defined as “soft” indicators and received partial devotion. Policy makers, healthcare organizations, and healthcare professionals now recognize the importance of organizing and managing health systems to ensure patient-centered quality of care (Fineout-Overholt…show more content…
We are aware that not all interventions prevent falls, however the emphasis is placed on the staff knowledge and understanding of the factors that contribute to a resident falling. There are barriers that are created because of the lack of education of staff, the reduced empowerment of residents, and the failure to have a sustainable fall management program in place. It is very imperative that the nurse providing care develop a holistic understanding of each resident that he/she is providing care for. This concept of understanding will allow the proper interventions to be established, and will allow the residents to have participation of their direct care. The Joint Commission (2015) recommend that “each facility implement an individualized program that is centered around implementing interventions specific to each resident, population and setting.” Each resident is unique in their level of care and co-morbidities; therefore, it is imperative to have a specific detailed care plan tailor-made for each high-risk
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