PPACA Case Study

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Some of PPACA’s provisions are already in effect, while others will go into effect in the near term. In some cases, the state will need to react quickly in order to take full advantage of chances to improve state health care programs and to obtain federal funds the state needs to help carry out the new law. Other provisions of PPACA will not go into effect for two or three years or more. Nevertheless, in a number of cases, it will be important for the Legislature to begin considering soon what initial steps should be taken to implement some of these measures. For example, based on our initial review, the PPACA will substantially increase future health program costs that the Legislature should begin planning now to address. Some new grant and program opportunities are available that could generate additional federal funds to support activities to improve health outcomes in California. Other significant programmatic changes will be needed to help establish the new programs called for in the federal law, to integrate them with existing state health programs, or to comply with federally mandated eligibility and enrollment processes.…show more content…
As individuals’ incomes rise and fall, as they become employed, change employers and become unemployed, and as they age, they are to have access to different sources of coverage along the coverage continuum. The PPACA also seeks to impose greater standardization on the coverage that is offered. Creating this continuum requires the modification of existing health programs with new programs, and integration of these programs with new programs created by PPACA. Below, we describe in more detail the key elements of PPACA that are intended to establish the health coverage purchasing

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