Organisational Development Essay

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Organisational Development

PPC Cement

• Identify an organization
The organisation that I have identified is PPC Cement Africa a world class organization that provides materials and solutions into the basic services sector, taking a strategic services approach to more than doubling our business every 10 years. At PPC Ltd the employees set the standard. They lead by example from top management to lower management; the challenges are set and are performance-driven. The customers are one of the key factors that play a role in their existence, meeting their needs consistency.
One of PPC main areas is to develop into a top emerging-market business. With PPC expanding Africa, it has to maintain the
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It is important to monitor and prioritize standards to raise awareness and to improve communication. The organisation has to make decisions with clear and manageable criteria to assess the value of high standards. PPC Cement operates within this highly dynamic industry, its target market is mainly retail, the company has a distribution network that is responsible for supplying cement to the building and construction industry, concrete manufactures and hardware stores.

PPC cement is well established in terms of its industry experience. Product and system standards are implemented within the organisation, because of its strategic value. PPC also participate in various national and international standards development committees. The company believes by getting involved internationally it will broaden its competitiveness. PPC cement management across all functions acknowledges that the company derives economic benefits from the application of standards.

By networking with other participants, management can determine how a standard benefits other companies and how to overcome
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PPC strive to create a healthy, satisfying working environment for all – whereby employers the opportunity to contribute to the organization success and their own development. The Kambuku initiative which is a high performance culture across PPC based on employee engagement growth and strong values, To maintain the passion and commitment of the employees, a clear direction and realignment need to be given to employees to overcome business challenges.
The company is committed to creating a work environment for individuals to excel at all levels no matter or regardless of the background, race or gender. The company’s employment policy creates opportunities all employees to develop and reward each employee who demonstrates the loyalty and hard work in their jobs. These polices include appropriate training, recruitment targets and development programs.This initiative used by PPC aims to increase the ability and effectiveness of team members for continuous improvement.
Team PPC has grasp the idea and process of Kambuku to develop a top notch operation, founded on commitment and team work.

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