PRINCE 2: Process Based Approach

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For project management, PRINCE2 is process based approach focused on providing easily saleable and tailored method for the management of projects of various types. In the PRINCE2 approach, the processes are defined with outputs and inputs along with the particular purposes and actions of the project. The processes that are included in the PRINCE2 approach are
Directing Project: This phase runs throughout the project form its initiation phase until its closure. In this phase the project board monitors and manages the project via reports and control the project through a number of decisions.
Starting Up: This is the first process also known as the pre-project process and is focused on ensuring that the pre-requisites of the project are ready.
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The IAF and TOGAF are used to create 0.1 versions of the target solution and baseline of the architectural project. This phase can be used by the project boards for the no go and go decision, regarding the project.
• After the creation of project initiation document during initiating a project, IAF and TOGAF can be used to make the 1.0 version of the target architecture. Previously to accelerate the creation of the solution architecture reference architectures can be developed.
• During managing product delivery, solution architecture is used to ensure that the right Work Packages are realised and defined in appropriate order.
• TOGAF and IAF can be utilised to ensure the alignment of the solution with the architecture during managing stage boundaries and controlling a stage.
2.7 Differences in the Framework in the Middle East and UK architectural Industry
Both the Middle East industry and the UK industry are striving to provide high profile projects to its customers. However short coming in the practices have imposed barriers in providing high profile projects that address the needs of the customers. Some of the major differences in the frame work are discussed
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BIM is an Intelligent Model based process that facilitates proper design, planning, construction and management of buildings and infrastructures. Due to the utilisation of BIM, in the UK the communication process is more efficient as compared to the Middle East facilitating the firms in the UK to compete and

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