PSIII Internship Reflection

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My PSIII internship was a very rewarding and enlightening experience. I was quickly welcomed into Carseland school not only by my teacher mentor, but by the whole school community. While at the school, I taught grade 3/4; science, math, language arts, health, and gym. I feel I was exceptionally lucky to have taught under my teacher mentor Kelsey Styan. Not only did I find her very welcoming and inclusive, but she was also a resourceful and dedicated mentor. Throughout the course of this internship, I developed many new skills, but I was also faced with varied challenges. One of the biggest challenges was the diversity of my students, which included their various learning needs and styles. Through the use of differentiation, I was able to accommodate for these needs. This experience also made me realize the importance of preparation and planning, not only for myself, but my students. Overall, I feel the most valuable lesson I learnt is the importance of a community approach in education and the collaboration between peers, students and parents.
During my PSIII internship, I was able to create and teach Unit A: Waste and Our World. Throughout the unit, I developed engaging and interactive lessons that were relevant
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While at the school I was able to assess and reflect on my own learning daily through lesson reflections. This allowed me to identify areas for possible growth, and ensure I was working towards my goals outlined on my professional growth plan. I also had to opportunity to participate in several different professional development opportunities, while at the school. Continuous learning and risk taking are things that occurred throughout my PSIII internship. On several occasions, I was observed by my teacher mentor, principal and university consultant in which, I effectively responded to their feedback by listening and implementing their
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