PTSD In Catch-22

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War isn’t always what it seems to be, as there is always a catch to it. This theme is evident in Catch-22, due to the fact that the novel revolves around the concept of a paradox known as catch-22. The decrees of war state that any soldier with a mental disorder can request to be “grounded” or sent home. Due to this decree, Yossarian constantly requests Doc Daneeka to send him home, as his behaviors are out of the ordinary and he has symptoms of the mental disorder, PTSD. Yossarian was likely afflicted with PTSD when he witnessed the morbid death of Snowden in the sky and the amplification of PTSD due to many more of his fallen and dear comrades. In addition to PTSD, Yossarian believes that people are attempting to kill him everyday and this sense of paranoia, causes…show more content…
However, there was a catch, specifically catch-22, “which specified that a concern for one’s own safety in the face of dangers that
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