PTSD In Veterans

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According to a study, 95% of Iraq veterans experience some kind of stress caused by war experiences (PTSD VA, 1). This stress can vary immensely. Vets can experience pain if they see any reminders of the war. The slightest reminder can cause severe pain. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the dysregulation of body and brain chemistry. PTSD has varied causes, which negatively impact the victim, his or her family, and the society in which the victim lives in; however, many treatments are available for the victim to ease the impact on his or her future. Americas heroes suffer from PTSD because of certain risk factors and experiences they may have. These factors stem from environmental, social, and genetic causes. PTSD is the dysregulation …show more content…

Although war veterans come home there are still ghosts of war that follow them long after. Veterans who suffer from PTSD endure three types of symptoms. The three types are tendency for recollection, intense emotional distress, and hyper arousal. Veterans will endure flashbacks, avoidance of activities, and irritability or hostility (Saperstein, 5). This leaves veterans in a lost state, in a constant search for their old self. Seeing your loved one in constant pain and confusion can take its toll on a family member. Family members can start to feel a void from the change in their loved one. They can start to experience depression and anxiety. A whole family can be ravaged from this disease. Having our veterans suffer from this disease can have a fatal impact on society. When veterans are impacted from PTSD it can lead to them committing acts of terror. A Vietnam veteran suffering from PTSD assaulted people wearing black wristbands to support the Vietnamese that died in the war. PTSD can be a threat to society even if they don’t possess the disease. Not only does this disease change a person it can be a great harm to family and …show more content…

However due to many viable treatments there is great hope for the victims moving forward in their lives. PTSD victims can be triggered when they see reminders of their experience of war. As PTSD keeps ravaging the lives of the victims it will draw more and more attention to not only the risks at war, but also the awful trauma vets go through after combat. When this becomes known it will become even more important to fight PTSD, because if we don’t people will question going into the military even more and the result could be

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