PTSD Reflection

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Introduction This research is an attempt to give some insight on how individuals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) dialogue can be misinterpreted. For some reasons, when we try to be an advocate for ourselves or others, we feel as if we are being emotionally attacked. No matter how, me or my battle buddies try to express ourselves in an appropriate manner the end results are the same. There are police cars lined up and down the street with lights flashing. Security guards are allowed to listen to privileged information, or we’re being illegally video taped. These issues continue to make individuals like myself, and my battle buddies withdraw from the public. In most instance, we will refrain from even seeking help all together, for lack of communication skills. This paper will address the personal growth group, group’s cultural, consultant, and video conferencing, Personal Growth Groups For instance, personal growth groups are defined as, “ A group of people who come together to develop personal insights, overcome personality…show more content…
For instance,”Both therapist attended a one-day training on CBCT for PTSD and participated in weekly consultation with a trained CBCT for PTSD consultant during the duration of treatment” (282 J.A. Schumm et al.). These Therapist were neutral to the program. They provided couple with activities to help improve communication skills among the couples. They help educate the couples with tasks geared at dealing with conflict within the marital relationship. In addition, using alternative methods to increase positive interactions. For instance, “I can’t trust anyone” can be reworded to “I can’t trust all people, but I can trust my partner in most instances” (282 J.A. Schumm et al.). Working with vets with PTSD, you have to open to trying new ways of communicating with individuals from
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