Reflection On The Strengths Of INTP-T

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My result was INTP-t (The Logician) which means I tested positive for Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, and Perceiving. The strengths of INTPs are great analysts, abstract thinking, imaginative, original, open minded, enthusiastic, objective, as well as harsh honesty. The weaknesses of INTPs are that they are very private and withdrawn. Frequently considered insensitive or condescending. They can be absent minded, have an absolute loathing of rules, and be super indecisive by constant second guessing of themselves.
I agree with all of the strengths of an INTP. This is because I can either see them in myself or others think I have them. (As shown by the poll we took in class.) I feel I display all the strengths of an INTP. Great analysing, abstract thinking, imagination and originality can all be shown through just a few of the conversations I have with Brendon Mondino. For example when we discuss things like “How would a centaur wear pants? And what would their rights be?” Arguing on for days whether it would cover all four horse legs or just the back two, if being a centaur would be considered a disability or
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I agree with all the strengths from brutal honesty to abstract thought patterns. This is due to the fact that it all applies so perfectly to me. I couldn’t even begin to contest any of the descriptors for both strength and weaknesses. It is an outstanding similarity to my life it even captures the strengths being so abrasive that they balance on the razor thin edge of being considered weaknesses. Even if I had the chance, I wouldn’t choose to add or take away anything from the description given to me by the 16 Personalities Test. And after reviewing the responses in the poll taken by the entire class I have learned that my “strength” of straightforwardness and honesty are so blunt that they become problematic in the creation of new friendships among my
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