Pablo Foster Home Case Study

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CM got a phone call from Pablo at 1:00 pm to report that he needs to picked up from his previous foster family's home.and he can't meet at his apartment. CM met Pablo in the foster family’s home because his landlord decided spray Pablo’s apartment after he found out there are a bed bugs in the apartment but the good part is there was no problem in Pablo’s bedroom, the bedbugs are in his roommate’s room but CM told Pablo that it might be in his room too. CM told Pablo to be wary of this issue and he needs to wash his clothes and dry them with heat also to keep vacuuming his room. 1. Educational Progress: Pablo is practicing for his International Association of Healthcare Central exam, He is taking the practice test online and he reached up to 200…show more content…
3. Independent Life Skills (groups attended, practice in foster home) Pablo mentioned to his Cm that he is gaining a weight, CM asked if he is eating healthy food and if he’s is taking care of himself. Pablo needs to learn how to cook and get a healthy food from the grocery store, CM will help Pablo by going with him to the grocery store to show him what is good for him and how he can buy healthy food. CM explain to Pablo the benefits of eating healthy food for his overall health and his budget too. 4. Mental Health : Pablo still on his Mirtazapine, he is taking 1 tablet per day at bedtime, He ran out of his medication and he could not pick it up from the pharmacy because the pharmacy closed at 7 pm and by that time he’ll be working so CM and Pablo decided to pick up the medication after the meeting. Pablo also mentioned the side effects of this medication is gaining a weight, CM remind Pablo to eat healthy food and make that a habit. Pablo gave his summary visit to CM List med and progress: Mirtazapine 7.5 MG. Concerns for follow up: Bed bugs , eating healthy food , gaining
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