Pablo Neruda's Nothing But Death

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Nothing But Death Analysis Nothing But Death, The poem from Pablo Neruda translated into English and edited by Robert Bly. The poem presented about how the death looks like and about how the death appears around the human. There are seven stanzas in this poem and the techniques that appeared in the poem are Imagery, Simile, Metaphor, and Alliteration. The imagery is the techniques used all over the seven stanzas in this poem to describe the image of the dead with the materials the movement, and the sound which included Auditory, Visual, and Kinetic. The First stanza described the environment in the cemeteries, the heart refers to the dead bodies in the graves and a tunnel could be coffins. The dead bodies sleeping in a tunnel which give the…show more content…
In the first line, the phrase “that sound” refer to the silence from the last stanza and the poet compare the Death among the silence like a shoe with no foot, a suit with no man, a ring with no stone and finger. There are some assonance and consonance alliterations in this stanza which are using “a” consonant in the first word of “arrives among all” and using “o” vowel in the stanza in the words “shoe” “no” “stone”. The last two lines “its steps” refer to the Death and the poet compared the Death sound like a hushed sound of the tree and the tree can be the symbol of nature. This stanza is talking about the Death which has no sound but the human can notice that it does…show more content…
The second line "its" refers to the Death and Death has the color of damp violets that are at home in the earth. From the lines “because the face of death is green, and the look death gives is green,” the poet used the Metaphor with this stanza which is the face of death is green. Green refers to nature which could be the lawn. The sixth line “with penetrating dampness of a violet leaf” refers to the damp violets. A violet leaf can refer to the color of the dead body. The last line the word “winter” can be the symbol of the dead. This stanza, the death belongs to nature and when human dies we go back to nature as well. The sixth paragraph used a Simile and Metaphor as the feature in the stanza. The poet used the Simile to compared a broom dressed like the dead from the first line “But death also goes through the world dressed as a broom,” and the poet use the Metaphor with the broom which is the broom is the tongue and the needle of the dead. This stanza talked about the death which came to the world as the broom to clean the

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