Pablo Picasso Blue Period Essay

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How did Pablo Picasso’s experience in France influence his works during the Blue period? The Blue Period is defined as the blue palate used in the artwork. Pablo Picasso, along with his fellow artists during the Blue Period believe that blue is the color of spirituality, which means the darker the blue; the more it awakens a human desire for the eternal. Themes of Pablo Picasso’s works are mostly dark and sad, and the event lead to Picasso’s works done during the blue period should be the suicide of Picasso’s friend Carlos Casagemas in France in 1901. In this essay, how the death of Carlos Casagemas affect Pablo Picasso and how this event influenced his works of art during the Blue period will be demonstrated. Pablo Picasso’s blue period started off by the death of Carlos Casahemas, one of Picasso’s best friends. Picasso is greatly suffered by the death of Carlos Casagemas. With the loss of best friend, Pablo Picasso developed a depression feeling towards life. Picasso stated, “we only know that we are afraid, we woke up afraid, and this fear lives with us like a delicate nausea of the soul.” It is shown here that after Carlos Casagemas’s death, Pablo Picasso’s fear of death is expanding…show more content…
The feeling depression of Picasso made him think about life so during the depression, Picasso started to get into the spiritual content. Spiritual exploration is one of the biggest themes Pablo Picasso wanted to explore during the blue period. Picasso was extremely upset so he thought lots about life and death, and lead his subject into spiritual contents, “Picasso’s blue period works in showing the protagonist spiritually transported by his creative effort, rather than mired in hopeless passivity.” The Subject matter is the key show the spiritual contents in Picasso’s blue
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