Pablo Picasso Guernica Essay

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Pablo Picasso said, "Some artists want to pain the sun with a yellow spot, but I want to create a sun with my yellow spot." What Picasso means is that art has to be symbolical and the best art is the one that captures symbols in a different way that people are accustomed to. Great art most of the times is what makes us think and question our notions of reality. This makes some of the great art hard to comprehend or understand. On the other hand, there are times that great art can also be produced with the familiar and easy to understand such as Andy Warhol 's Pop-Art movement. It is usually the art that defies our preconceived notions and makes us question our ascetic sensibilities that push the boundaries of what art is, and it is later considered…show more content…
However, this painting is not as well know as other paintings by Picasso such as "Guernica". The later is from Picasso 's cubism period and represent a very vivid image of a war crime perpetuated by Nazi Germany. This painting is not as straightforward as the paintin of the young boy in the church; it has strange forms and shapes and some forms have half human, half man forms. One could argue this is not an easy artistic piece to understand. However, Guernica is one of the most famous paintings by Picasso. It is by pushing our artistic sensibilities and by pushing our comfort levels of what is known that Picasso is able to create an artistic piece that talks to the human heart instead of its knowledge. On the other hand, artists like Andy Warhol create magnificent pieces of art by appealing to what is known and what can be easily comprehended. However, while it is true that Andy Warhol 's pieces are easy to understand there is a subtle hidden meaning to his paintings that it is sometimes hard to get. This characteristic is what makes Warhol 's paintings so attractive to the public. Warhol is trying to convey a lot of meaning in something that is common and simple. In other words, paintings or artistic pieces that are considered simple or easy to comprehend can pack a lot of meaning hiding in their
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