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The spanish artist Pablo Picasso is one of the world 's most famous and well known artist of all times. From a very young age, Picasso knew his passion was to draw. He was not a good student in school, so at age thirteen he decided to drop out of school to spend more time drawing during the day, so he can doodle and work on his drawing skills. Pablo Picasso worked on different types of art forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramic art. His top five famous works are The Weeping Woman, Guernica, Asleep, Nude Green Leaves and Bust, and finally Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. He is also well known for creating an art form of cubism with Georges Braque. In his life he has accomplished many things and proven himself that he is a talented artist. It was a quiet day in Guernica, Spain on April 26, 1937 until, Germans bombed Guernica as a test to see if it could wipe out a city. Also during this time Spain was in a civil war, which made things even worse. The General Francisco Franco was the…show more content…
He agreed to do it not only for the exhibit, but he felt touched an emotional when he discovered about George Steers story about Guernica. Most people may not know this, but famous artist usually take over two months to paint something, but this Guernica painting only took him one month to complete it. That’s why this is a famous art piece from the 20th century because this only took a month to create. On Spanish Arts it shows and explains what each thing in the painting symbolizes. Pablo Picasso said the bull signify brutality and darkness, the mother with the dead child represents “the classic Catholic image of the Virgin and Child, albeit tainted by war.”, and the dead soldier which is said he is holding a flower which could “be interpreted as a ray of hope amongst all of the
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