Pachacutec: The Great Emperor Of The Incca Empire

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Pachacutec, the Great Emperor of the Inca Empire
Nowadays, we are speaking at an international level of the greatness and mystery that Machu Picchu represents, considered a monument of humanity. Likewise, Machu Picchu is considered a monument to the greatness of the Inca Empire whose history, culture, agriculture, monumental military and religious constructions, and a great legacy to humanity surprise many of us. But who was the ruler who made this kingdom a great empire? His name was Cusi Yupanqui, later called Pachacutec, he was the ninth ruler of the Inca state and he was who turned it from a simple kingdom into a great empire: the Tahuantinsuyo. He was a son of the Inca Wiracocha, and although he was not his direct heir, he was designated Wiracocha’s successor after defending the imperial city of Cuzco and defeating, the Chancas army, which tried to conquer them, while Wiracocha and his son Urco, the crown prince, had fled of the City of Cuzco. After his great victory against the Chancas and having demonstrated his great courage and great capacity of leadership, his father the Inca Wiracocha recognized him as his successor and bearer of the Mascaipacha (symbol of the ruler). Pachacutec was the fourth emperor of the Hanan dynasty and is considered a great conqueror, statesman, literary artist, and a mystical spiritual guide.
In his youth, he was educated in the Inca tradition, learning the art of war with the Inca generals, the high priests of the tradition, lectured him
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