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Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II by Yvonne Jacquette is a beautiful and colorful impressionistic piece that was created in 1985 using oil on canvas. Yvonne, who is a painter and a printmaker, became inspired to sketch the world below her from aerial landscapes from a high vantage point such as high-rise buildings, private airplanes, or commercial jets. This piece is a great example of how to manipulate your subject, use visual elements, and express meaning in the everyday world we live in. The piece is a depiction of Tokyo Street in front of the Pachinko Parlor. The view is diagonal and you can see people and cars all over the street. This piece is very busy. The
Pachinko Parlor is brightly lit while the rest of the painting seems
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Jacquette manipulated her surroundings into creating a world that she wanted to see. Many times in her paintings she would sketch her landscape from an aerial view but then move buildings around and manipulate the piece into something aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Her piece is very inspirational because it reminds me that you can find light in even the darkest places. The Pachinko Parlor was an arcade where people would go to have a good time. Therefore, even if your life seems to be falling apart you can still find enjoyment. Overall, this painting is very successful. It caught my eye and my first reaction was that I wanted to hang it up in my room. Jacquette’s use of rearranging her original subject, successfully using visual elements, and expressing a meaning that is inspiring to the world around us is a great example of a working piece of art. Tokyo Street with Pachinko Parlor II by Yvonne
Jacquette is important because it breaks down the limitations of people always wanting you to create artwork on exactly what you see, and opens the doors to imagination and perspective. I recommend that everyone should go this piece and all of her other gorgeous pieces in the Harn

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