Pacific Northwest Expansion

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The history of the Pacific Northwest is an intriguing time period for the United States and the expansion of the country. Many individual contributed to the growth and transformation of the region, however, several particular leaders created insurmountable adjustments to the region, that their names have gone done in history. Long before becoming President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson was committed and captivated with western exploration, believing that America had the sovereign right to the western region. In 1786, American minister to France, Thomas Jefferson, endorsed John Ledyard in seeking a Pacific passage, crossing Russia. He suggested that exploring the Western sections of the continent (via St. Petersburg), might allow him to find his way to the west…show more content…
The importance of the Lewis and Clark were monumental, beyond just documenting new plant life, animals, and land/water formation, but for the westward expansion. Writers would publish stories that would create hopes, dreams and fascinations about the adventure that lies in the west. For some it proposed a glamourous illusion of mystery and passion. The Corps of Discovery explorers made their way across the northwest, mapping the terrain of the newly purchased Louisiana Territory and westward across the Pacific Northwest. The arduous expedition utilized the Missouri, Snake, Clearwater, Yellowstone and Columbia rivers. Witnessing mountain ranges and low plains, the group documented 178 new plants and over 120 new animal species. William Clark, a cartographer, would map out the areas in which they explored, while Lewis (studied plants and herbs) would document his new finds, for their
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