Pacific Ocean Compare And Contrast

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The Pacific Ocean’s water temperature can range from lower than the freezing point of water (29 degrees fahrenheit) to 86 degrees fahrenheit. These temperatures can vary because of the location of the Pacific Ocean, some areas are closer to the equator or on the equator. and others are farther north/south. The Pacific Ocean’s yearly weather pattern is pretty consistent the northern pacific is warmer because this area is closer to the equator and the southern part is colder because this area is closer to Antarctica.The Pacific Ocean has no seasons because the

southern part is closer to Antarctica and Antarctica is always cold. Same with the northern part, the equator is always warm.

The pacific ocean has an assortment of geographic
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Kelp is one of the very bright, colorful plants found in the ocean. Kelp depends on sunlight and is found no deeper than 131 feet.Oar weeds is another common plant in the Pacific Ocean. Oar weed is a large seaweed that dark brown and can grow to three meters long. Oarweed was used as a fertilizer in the 18th century.

A common animal of the pacific ocean is the reef triggerfish or the"Humuhumunukunukuapuaa.” This fish is the state fish of Hawaii. An interesting fact about the reef triggerfish is that this fish has a smaller second spine to keep the main spine in the correct form. The reef triggerfish lives around Hawaii. An adaptation of the reef triggerfish is that this fish has figured out how to make it’s body smaller in order to fit into small cracks and small areas to flee from
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As I mentioned earlier, parasites live on the gray whale which give the whale a crusty, rocky looking effect. This is an example of parasitism. Another symbiotic relationship in my biome is a shrimp and sea cucumber. These two animals are common to a lot of ocean along with the Pacific ocean. The shrimp rides on the back of the sea cucumber, while the shrimp gets a ride, the sea cucumber could care less. This is an example of commensalism.

Sadly in the ocean there is plenty of human destruction to talk about. Some examples are overfishing, which is a problem in 90% of the world’s oceans. tourism, development, shipping and pollution. As humans we are trying to not overfish by setting limits. We are trying to prevent air pollution by using clean energy. Some places are better at using clean energy and have much cleaner air, other big cities however are much more careless and have more polluted air. Some people are more concentrated on travel industry and are careless, people are still figuring out how to manage tourism, development and
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