Padraig Addiction Recovery Essay

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Another psychograph that I am targeting are people involved with addiction recovery organizations. Much of the film’s content deals with Padraig O’Malley’s struggle with recovering from alcoholism. This would be very relatable for those individuals who work with helping others recover from addiction, and perhaps those who are currently struggling. The film is very inspiring in that it shows people that they can still do wonderful, inspiring things throughout their struggles, such as how Padraig creates peace while battling addiction. Nevertheless, Padraig realized how detrimental alcoholism is to his health and has been sober in pursuit to improve his wellbeing. The film is extremely real and raw, confronting the common back-and-forth…show more content…
I will be contacting the following organizations: Fresh Start Ministries, Sunrise Detox, Mind, Body, and Soul Recovery Housing, Orlando Recovery Center, Aspire Health Partners, Horizons Recovery, and New Bridge Recovery and Wellness Center. All of these organizations are based in Orlando so that they would have close proximity to the festival. Also, most of these organizations provide housing for their members recovering from addiction, so they would have easy access to delivering the invitation of attending this film to their patients. I also think that these organizations will cater to a significant portion of my audience since the film advocates for the subject of addiction recovery as we follow Padraig’s journey of creating peace for others while finding peace for himself in recovery from alcoholism. The logline of the film will appeal to this audience since it explicitly mentions his recovery from addiction and how he bases his peacemaking off of a recovery model. These organizations would also be familiar with the recovery model that Padraig is using as a basis for his work, and thus would connect to the film if they attended it. Nevertheless, the film would be appealing to these organizations since it deals with the general sense of creating peace. It is evident that their patients and members are involved with their organization to help others that are struggling find
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