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Some leaders are made, some Leaders like Pai are naturally born leaders. Pai is the natural born leader of Whangara because she was able to pass one of the physical tests. Retrieving the whale tooth from the bottom of the sea. The other boys that Koro had thought to be the next chief couldn’t retrieve the tooth from the bottom of the sea. The significance of this task was to see who was the strongest, most worthy and most capable of becoming the next potential chief. Since she had retrieved the tooth this meant she was to be that generation 's chief, whether Koro wanted it or not. Pai was also able to move the dying whales that where on the shore to the ocean. In a desperate moment, Koro and Pai separately call to the Ancient ones. The result is that a pod of whales end up beached on the shore, dying. The village works non-stop trying to rescue the whales and trying to push…show more content…
An example of her wisdom was to get past the obstacle of her grandfather treating her differently because she was a girl, Pai would disobey him because she knew what he was doing was wrong. She would go against his orders and stand up for herself in this way. Pai also showed her wisdom and respect, even in her troubled times during the speech. When her grandfather was upset with her and she struggled trying to reconnect with him, she still respected him and dedicated her speech to him. This was her overcoming a problem because she still stayed strong and did what she could. Pai used wisdom to fix her problems and take charge of them. There were many obstacles that Pai faced. Like any other wise leader, she decided not to let these obstacles come in between her and what she wanted. When Pai 's grandfather would not let her attend the school, she disciplined herself and took matters into her own hands with the help of her uncle. As a result of this she proved to her grandfather that she is much stronger, wiser, and worthier than the

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