Paid Career Counselling Process

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Often students get confused when it comes to choosing a course after 12th class. They often seek paid career counselling. Paid career counselling helps such students deal with all their career related queries.
With innumerable career options coming up in your way, it seems difficult to choose the right career. Choosing the right course has a long lasting impact on a student’s future. Hence, it becomes essential to plan and purse a course that is a perfect fit. To ensure this, it is important to have a proper insight about the courses and their career scope.
Paid career counselling process includes five stages for making the right career decision. Expert career counsellors provide the right career advice and guide throughout the process of
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You may have good score in Mathematics, but that does not mean you must pursue accountancy. Similarly, you may have good score in Biology, but that does not mean you must pursue MBBS. You need to understand what interests you more rather than making decisions based on your high-scored subjects. Career assessment is one of important and crucial stages in paid career counselling process as it helps career counsellors to analyze your academic performance, interests, and accordingly provide career guidance based on your academic profile. The expert career counselors will do a detailed strength-weakness analysis, and helps you in recognizing the "right" career…show more content…
Often parents aspire to make their children engineers, doctors, etc. due to lack of information about other courses. It is very important for parents to be aware of the various educational courses available besides MBBS and BE. A supportive family is very important to keep children encouraged. In paid career counselling process, career counsellors assess family background and its financial status in order to suggest the best-fit course and college for a student. It is essential that parents are financially ready to fulfill the dream of their children. They must be ready to support the students in their career decisions. Presence of parents at the time of paid career counselling is very crucial. Any doubts or concerns of the parents regarding the career chosen by their children or financial aid can be solved at the same time of career counseling session. In this competitive world, students need lots of regular encouragement and motivation from family. Expert career counselor ensures this in this stage of paid career

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