Paying Students For Good Grades Essay

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Do students really need a job ? No, jobs have little impact on your future life, but on the other hand, careers provide experience and learning to fuel your future. An example of a career is a doctor, engineer, nurse and more. Students will need to pass college and get an education. Schools provides us the require education they need to get that dream career. Can schools pay kids for good grade? Many people will believe that students should not get paid for good grades, because it sends the wrong message, paying students for good grade is basically, a job and this can lead to countless practical problems. First of all, students should not be paid for good grades, for it sends them the wrong message. For example, in a video Ms Herbert shows…show more content…
For example, when she says all those positive effects of paying students for good grades. Is it worth staying up all night studying late just for a few dollars? Who is Ginger Ninja? What credentials does she have, in order to declare such claims? She is hiding behind a pen name, and actually could be anyone, including a janitor to a Walmart cashier or even just a high school student. If she was an actual doctor, professor, or scientist, why not put her credentials on this article and receive credit for her work? For the reasons above, one should not trust Ginger Ninja too literally. In conclusion, students should not get paid for good grades, for it sends the wrong messages to them, students are basically working as a job and there are countless practical problems with this. For these numerous reasons, students should not get paid for good grades. Choosing the right career is better than the right job for many reasons. Schools are supposed to prepare for a better life, but instead they are giving out the wrong motivation. It would be nice to receive some money, but the price is too high and not worth it, due to stress. Therefore, students should not get paid for good
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