Pay Students For Good Grades Essay

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“Mom, I got all A’s on my report card, can I get ten dollars like my friend did?” The usual response of every parent is “ I will think about it”. Parents should really consider this question, should you pay students for good grades? Could this one decision change a student’s future? Paying students for good grades is an inadequate direction to lead a student because it will alter their perspective of learning to a more financial exchange, but students are not using the passion inside of them to earn good grades. In like matter, other major reasons to choose not to use money as an incentive are to teach students to appreciate the reward of success earned by their own determination, teach students to enjoy learning and stay fixated on setting goals, and the student’s relationship with fellow peers and parents would be damaged by addiction to money. There is no greater gift than the privilege to learn. Why throw away a student’s appreciation for learning…show more content…
The source that supports this claim is an article by the NEA, National Education Association. “Many teachers also say paying leads to.. conflicts with students, parents”, claims NEA. This means students will tell each other about how much they are earning, and if different price ranges surface there will be feelings of jealousy. To add on, students will be mad that someone putting in the same effort for their grades are earning more, and conflicts will arise. The effect of this is students will complain to parents to upgrade their amount of money given, and the cycle continues yet again with an increase in jealousy, anger until some of the most important relationships in a student’s life is ruined. Concluding, making the wise choice to not pay students for grades will make relationships based on love, and not
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