Pain And Suffering In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Mary Shelley endured a lifetime of pain and suffering: she lost one of her children shortly after losing her step sister, Jane. While grieving her losses, she wrote her most famous work Frankenstein: her feelings of depression can be seen in themes throughout the novel. It also reflects the time period in which she wrote it. There was a shift in literature from tradition and logic to emotion and nature. In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, uses nature to reveal and develop the creature's and creator’s actions and inner emotions.
The environment when the creation came to life was very dark and dreary which immediately conveys the creations inner emotions. On the night that Victor enduringly finishes the construction of his creation, the overall
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The creation is aimlessly lurking through the woods near Ingolstadt and sees several joys of nature. he recalls that “The only object that i could distinguish was the bright moon, and I fixed my eyes on that with pleasure” (108). As he is learning what various parts of nature are, his mood shifts from scared and confused to joyous and delightful. He uses words like “pleasure” to show the shift in emotion. Again the creature finds happiness in his new surroundings, particularly when he encounters birds for the first time. He nostalgically recalls “I was delighted when I first discovered that a pleasant sound [came from] the throats of little winged animals” (109). ??? what else here ??? As he continues his wandering, he experiences more about the natural world every day. The creature describes his astonishment when he encounters a new and exciting phenomenon- fire. He remembers his first experience “ day when I was oppressed by the cold, I found a fire… [I] was overcome with delight at the warmth I experienced from it” (110). He continues to have positive interchanges with nature. ??? what else??? Although the creation experiences many positive phenomenons that lighten his mood, he also endures nasty weather situations that shift his mindset. When the creature kills William and Victor visits the site of William’s murder,…show more content…
Nature and setting still can determine mood and emotions today; an example would be people that suffer from seasonal depression. Just like both Victor and his creation, the weather, season, or setting can affect how people feel. Seasonal depression is described as a specific type of depression that is correlated to changes in seasons. The disorder begins and ends usually around the same time each year: starting when the weather starts to get colder in the fall all the way through the beginning of spring when the weather heats back up. Even though in today’s world people do not value nature as much, it is still a theme that many modern journalists and authors write
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