Pain Assessment Essay

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Many individuals say that pain is what the patient says, and it occurs wherever the patient says it does. Pain assessment can be complicated, subjective, an unpleasant experience and it sometimes cannot be explained. It means different things or levels to different people. Some believe there is no correct or incorrect responses to pain. As a surgery nurse, we evaluate our patients for pain behaviors, such as facial grimacing, agitation, rubbing painful areas, increased heart rates, raised blood pressures, shaking and anxiety. Patients worry about surgery procedures, examinations, hospitalizations and the pain that will occur. Causing them to go untreated, which can result in extended hospital stays, a decline in patient contentment, and add…show more content…
We assist and care for patients from children to elderly, the one-dimensional is used for patients whose pain is intense. Visual scale, verbal rating and numeric scale are used on young-older adults with zero being “no pain to 10 being the worst” or the express possible pain of mild, moderate and sever. Lastly, the one we use on children is Flaccs-(“face, legs, activity, cry, consolability”) and the Wong-Baker- 6 Faces for ages 2-7 (“no hurt”-“hurts worst”). (Jensen, 2011.pp.121-126) Pain intensity, pain-related illnesses, pain duration and pain affect are characteristics that define pain and its effects. These pain characteristics can be major complains of patients, they influences surgical outcomes, effect coping strategies and pain perception. Many patients have difficulties in defining which response is best for their pain situation. (Spine, 2006) To provide ideal patient care, nurses require applicable information, skilled abilities, and new approaches toward pain assessment to help with control. Assessment information based on all available indications of pain assessment prevents patients from suffering. It is a crucial element in delivering effective pain management. The fifth vital sign has been recognized as a challenge to accelerate responsibility for pain assessment. (Wood,
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