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Pain The interchange of emotions and feelings within one’s self is a particularly hard thing to measure. Pain is a combatant of positive and negative change. Pain is one of the most prevalent causes of human change, and is a provoker of human deterioration. Pain has always been a major factor in healthcare. In this crosspost, the author will elaborate on the original threaded discussion by Ellerbee Mburu, Vail, and Barlow and add additional information on pain assessment and management. Healthcare providers are the major group of healthcare professional who perform crucial functions in delivering and providing nursing care to inpatient and outpatients. As mentioned in the threaded discussion by Ellerbee, Mburu, Vail, and Barlow, undertreated pain causes unnecessary distress and negatively affects the quality of life. In additional to the original threaded discussion, pain is a factor that is thought of differently by many. It has been added as the fifth vital sign and is considered to be subjective. Pain is…show more content…
Some pain tools that were discussed was Numeric Rating Scale (NRS), Verbal Descriptor Scale (VDS), and Faces Pain Scale (FPS), Care Pain Observational Tool (CPOT), Behavioral Pain Scales (BPS), and Nonverbal Pain Scale (NVPS). In additional to the pain assessment tools mentioned by the author, the Pain Assessment tool for Advanced Dementia (PAINAD) is also used for patients diagnosed with dementia. The PAINAD has been designed to help nurses and other healthcare providers assess patients in pain by looking at five specific indicators such as breathing, vocalization, facial expression, body language, and consolability. The PAINAD indicators are scored on a scale of zero to two. When scores from the five indicators are totaled, the patient scare can range from zero, meaning no pain to ten, meaning severe

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