Pain Concept Analysis

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The purpose of this paper is to clarify and analyze the meaning of the concept of pain. The paper will clarify the defining attributes of pain and identify the antecedents that influence the perception of pain and list the consequences of pain. It will also state the empirical referents in reference to pain.

Uses of the term Pain

The common uses for the term Pain refer to physical, or emotional discomfort, great effort or trouble, suffering, distress, unpleasant feeling.

The concept of pain has many different meanings to different people, therefore clarifying the concept of pain will in turn help in the treatment in patient with pain. Pain is often divided into two categories, acute pain and chronic pain. The two have different and
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According to Walker & Avant (1995) any concept analysis will consist of more than one defining attribute; however, one needs to determine which attributes are appropriate for the purpose of exploration of the concept. Clinical attributes, or characteristics, associated with pain serve to distinguish the concept of pain from the concept of discomfort. As identified by Montes-Sandoval (1999), include: (a) an unpleasant, distressful, unwanted, uncomfortable experience; (b) neurophysiological, psychological, socio-cultural, response to harmful stimuli; (c) a subjective and difficult to describe sensation that cannot truly be measured or accurately perceived by others; (d) a unique experience that serves as a protective mechanism for self-preservation; (e) an adverse sensation to an actual or potential threat of physical or emotional injury or damage; and (f) distressful thoughts resulting from a mental misperception (p. 938). The common character between all uses of the term seems to be related to some form of discomfort. The critical attributes of pain can also serve importance in the formation of a model
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