Pain Definition Essay

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Taken from a denotative point of view, pain is the experience when someone is uncomfortable and in grief, the physical discomfort might be caused due to external pressure, which is an injurious act or a malfunction in their physiological body mechanism. The meaning of this term can accordingly be taken in three alternate perspectives which could either suggest enduring, distress or torment in the ideal setting. However, in a subjective viewpoint, the term can be interpreted emotionally to imply a situation where someone is psychologically affected by their physical state. Although the use of the word pain generally finds its relevance to the physical act of uneasiness, it could also be used to involve someone being in an oppressed condition…show more content…
However, a more descriptive and broadened definition would take this physical form of trauma and extrapolate it to imply psychological and emotional discomfort. Thus, the three races of pain that includes suffering, discomfort, and torture, although have physical definitions, but could be used to refer to psychosomatic types of agony. In the first case, suffering could either be due to disease or lack of money, but the subject is more affiliated with the impact of the condition rather than the actual state. In describing pain as a source of discomfort, one would either say it to be a form of distress, nervousness or awkwardness that makes the subject feel unsettled internally. Finally, torture as a subdivision of pain could be because of being a victim of recurrent and an unavoidable form of expressive abuse to due to physical exposure. From the varying meanings of pain, it appears to be more emotional than it is bodily. As lifestyle changes, people get lonelier and are more at verge of emotional stress due to diseases and increased acts of terrorism witnessed in the twenty-first century, it is expected that the definition of pain will change and take the emotive
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