Pain In Shakespeare's Play 'Romeo And Juliet'

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Passion and Pain

Good morning Mr Grimes and class. William Shakespeare’s play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ should definitely be considered for this year’s King’s Christian College Film Festival because it is famed as ‘the tragedy of love’. This play is relevant today because even though its been over 400 years since Shakespeare wrote this fine piece of work, we are still the same beings with the same emotions and desires today as we were back in 1597.

Romeo and Juliet’ would be an entertaining play to perform at the Film Festival because of the many relatable themes woven into it. One of the main concepts presented in the play is pain. Shakespeare loved to write heart breaking scenes filled with anguish and betrayal. He wrote some of his most famous quotes through the last breath of his characters. Whether the pain you have
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Silence and remorse thick in the air. They hadn’t realised that by trying to control their children’s lives, that they actually suffocated them and took away their self-expression. They took away their free will and along with it their lives. Parent’s today try to guide their children onto the right path but forget that we need to make our own mistakes. We need to fall and get back up on our own or we won’t learn to stand on our own two feet.

Romeo and Juliet is a play with many themes, some harder to find than others. Love, loss, betrayal, fear, chaos, deceit, anger, hatred, grief, friendship, family, strength, passion, youth and wisdom. There are many lessons learned in this play that are essential to growing up. We love and we lose, all of these things are part of being human. As Shakespeare said: “These violent delights have violent ends...” (II, VI, 9) We make mistakes and we suffer the consequences. And maybe, in the moment, it’s worth

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