Pain In The Giver

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The Giver How would you feel if you had no memories, celebrations, pain, or choices.The Giver community is a futuristic society where only two people hold the memories of the past. Jonas gets elected for the new receiver of memory at the ceremony of twelve. Jonas learns new things, see color and learns the meaning of release. He escapes, travels to elsewhere and releases his memories back to the community. Therefore pain, celebrations and more choice would have made The Giver community more positive. One thing that would have made the community more positive is pain.One example on page 69 is “When he had crushed his finger in the door, he had quickly , gasping into the speaker notified his mother ; she had hastily requisitioned relief-of-pain medication which had promtly delivred to his dwelling.”This supports the claim because if they dont have pain they will not learn from there mistakes. If they don 't learn from their mistakes they will keep doing dumb things. Another detail to support the claim on page 86 is “His skin began to sting.”This supports the claim because if there was pain people would think more about something instead of just doing it. This is why pain would have been important in The Giver…show more content…
A detail to support the claim on page 98 is “Or what if he went on almost laughing at the absurdity, they choose their own jobs.” This supports the claim because if people could choose their own jobs there would be more diversity. Also they would grow close to the people they work with. Another detail to support my claim on page 51 is “ The initial speech at the ceremony of twelve was made by the Chief Elder, The leader of the community who was elected every ten years.”If they had more choices they would be able to vote for what they want and not what the chief Elder thinks is best for community. Therefore more choices would have made the community more
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