Pain Less Delivry Research Paper

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Pain less delivry (to be answered by gynecologist)

Q how can I have a pain less delivery?
Ans Epidural anesthesia allow mother to have pain less delivery in a natural way. It involves placement of a very fine tube thriught an injection in the lower beck. Drug can be injected at regular interwals through this arrangment we can make the patient comfurtable.

Q does pain less delivery has any complications?
Ans Epidural anesthesia is over all safe, but like most medical procedures, side effects or complications may sometimes occur comon side effects include failure of the procedure to give pain relief, low blood pressure and headach. Rare but more serious complications include infection, sciezures, hematoma, nerve damage.your anesthetist provide more information and advice about thecomplications and risks before deciding on epidural.

Qdoes opting for a pain less delivery costs more?
Ans opting for painless delivery marginally increases the cost of vaginal delivery, but the benefits and
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The increased requirement during pregnancy by 15g / day. So there is need to maintain high protein intake ( 65g/ day) . Which can be met by incorporating milk & milk products like paneer, curd, butter milk, cheese etc. Increase intake of fish or poultry, legumes , pulses, peanuts & other nuts like almonds, walnuts & oil seeds etc.

4. What food should not be taken at night during pregnancy?

Avoid foods which contain caffeine like coffee, tea & chocolates. Cut down on fluids at night as it will reduce the number of visits to the bathroom. Also avoid spicy like chili & acidic foods like tomatoes at night to avoid heartburn & indigestion. Also avoid large meals and late dinner, as it may cause uneasiness. Give yourself 2-3 hours to digest your food before you retire to bed. If you suffer for nausea, take a light & bland snack before bed time like a cracker.

5. Which food intake should be increased during

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