Pain Management Course Analysis

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Throughout this course and semester, I have learned a lot about pain. Specifically, this course has enhanced my knowledge of the functional role and mechanisms of pain, the psychological aspect of pain and the pain management modalities and their effectiveness in managing pain. This course was taught effectively in a sense that it included a variety of ways to express the information and data to the students. One of the learning outcomes that I believe that was definitely met was being able to explain the pathophysiology of acute and chronic pain states. One of the learning out comes that I believe that was least met was being able to discuss the mechanisms of action of various pain management modalities and their efficacy in managing pain,…show more content…
This course featured a variety of ways to express information to students. The techniques that I found very effective were the videos and the conversations on Blackboard. I thought the videos were an effective way to convey information because it is easily accessible, as many students have phones and devices that can access YouTube easily. Additionally, I believe the use of media as a teaching tool can help keep students interested in the topic, as different students can find visual learning more effective. In my experience with online courses, some courses do not require the students to make interactions with their fellow peers. In this course, the conversation aspect helped facilitate and maintain the learning experience by forcing interaction between peers and making students research further into the topic in a given…show more content…
I would like the specifically target the non-pharmacological approaches to pain section because I feel like the section was not as effective at conveying information to students as the previous sections. In this section, there was only a conversation task where students were required to research a non-pharmacological option to manage pain. All of the other aspects of the other modules were left out, such as the videos and also a quiz. I believe by not including videos and other media, the research component by itself fell short in helping me meet this outcome, but only for specifically for the non-pharmacological approach section. Outside of the course, I read other articles about the non-pharmacological options to manage pain, talked to my physiotherapist about non-pharmacological techniques used in the field of physiotherapy, such as cupping therapy and also reading the posts by my peers in the conversation forum also helped me expand my knowledge to an
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