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Pain relievers or analgesics have been around for thousands of year in different compounds and forms. Today the most used from is in pill form. Around the world pain relievers are the most common OTC (over the counter) drug used. Around the world millions of people use OTC pain relievers on a regular bases. People use the drugs to kill everything from headaches to fevers. To be effective pain relievers must dissolve quickly so they are bio-excisable.

Medicines are substances that are used to change the way your body functions when you have an illness, injury, or to maintain your health and wellbeing. Medicines come in different shapes and forms: tablets, liquids, inhalers, patches, lotions/creams, drops, injections and more. Medicines can
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These pains can range from headaches to broken bones. There are many different pain relievers in the word and each one has advantages and risks. Different types of pain respond to different types of pain relievers differently. Also different people have different responses and reaction to different types of pain relievers. Pain relievers can be OTC. There are two main types of OTC painkillers; acetaminophen and anti-inflammatory. If those kinds of relievers don’t work doctors can prescribe stronger kinds. The most powerful of all the pain relievers are called narcotics, which must be prescribed by a doctor. Narcotics are extremely effective but almost always have serious side…show more content…
Occasionally as long as weeks.

Ibuprofen was recently created. Scientists at the boots company in the UK developed ibuprofen. It was developed in the early 1960’s. Stewart Adams, with his associates John Nicholson, Andrew RM Dunlop, Jeffery Bruce Wilson and Colin Burrows, discovered ibuprofen. The first test took place in 1961 on a hangover. In 1969 it was released to the public to reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. It was first released in the UK and the USA follower in 1974.

Aspirin is an analgesic drug used for minor pain, to reduce fevers, and also is also an anti-inflammatory drug. It was created in the late 1800 's. Recently many people have been using it to prevent blood clot formation. If taken in low doses aspirin can help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Today it is given to patients after they had heart attacks to prevent death. Aspirin was created over 100 years ago. However it is still one of the most commonly OTC drugs used

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