Painkiller Addiction Therapy Case Study

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Dr. Geyer The important fact for a professional counselor is to recollect that he or she should not force or impose their standards, values, principles or beliefs upon a client, so I will not take this personally, what this client aspiration is regarding his treatment settings are during the opening strategy for his professional counseling sessions. This is not about me as a professional counselor it is about this middle-aged man setbacks, annoyances, any obnoxious exchanges, differences of opinion, addictions and weaknesses he has encountered. It will not be significantly, what may have transpired prior, only with the exception of the difficulties or hindrances and problems or issues, which may require assistance, like his current battle with painkiller addiction. As a professional counselor, I will provide a general description approach like focusing on his warning signs of substance abuse and any other associated matters pertaining to his diminished functioning, in addition to the creation and subject matter in constructing this client a flexible recovery program.…show more content…
This addiction counseling will thrive by initially assisting this client with identifying his existing obstruction in his life like the painkillers, his illogical thinking and assessments. Next, the client will be advised or urge to attempt self-discipline or abstemiousness from his drug of choice, then acquire the crucial abilities, skillfulness, and spiritual growth if he changes his mind set on that God stuff, for continuing a lasting recovery (A Guide to Substance Abuse Services for Primary Care Clinicians Treatment Improvement Protocol,

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