Paint Management Case Study: Dulux Paint Industry

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5.1.Scope of the Project The paint industry is growing at a very faster pace. It is expected to growth up to 20 percent in the next two years. Almost every major multinational has established or entrenched their presence and industry has become far more sophisticated in terms of the product that it manufactures, the way it sells to the customers snd in the technology that they use.At the 48th annual general meeting of IPA(Indian Paint Associations) held at kolkatta , President D.P. Basu said “ Rs 24,000 crore paint industry is likely to touch Rs 100,000 by 2020.” So the market situation is favourable to all the brands. Considering this scenario , the main scope of the project is that:  It will help Dulux paint to understand what are the factors…show more content…
 Study was limited because only the architects were visited. It would have been better if contractors were also considered because in most cases they are the one who decides on which brand to be chosen.  The questions in the questionnaire for the architects were mostly close ended.  The time frame within which the research had to be carried out was limited because of which the sample size considered was small. 5.7 Questionnaire for the Architects 1) Name of the architects? 2) Majorly deals with what? 3) Paint buying decision is strictly based on  Brand  Requirement 4) What will you prefer?  A relatively cheaper paint that lasts for maximum 2 years.  A costly paint that last for more than 2 years. 5) What are the main attributes that you look into while selecting a brand? 6) Advertisements pose a major role during the selection of a brand.  Yes  No 7) Which is the brand that you prefer?  Dulux Paints  Asian Paints  Nerolac Paints  Berger paints  Others 8) Why do you prefer this brand? 9) While selecting paint what will you consider?  The quality of the

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