Paintball Argumentative Analysis

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Paintball has been a popular sport since the 1980s. The first game played was “capture the flag”, and is played to this day. In this sport, two opposing teams each shoot paint at each other until everyone falls on one side. People have criticized it as a violent sport that promotes violence by using guns. Ross Taylor, however, sees it as a excellent extracurricular activity that promotes both the physical and mental health in the players. Instead of focusing on the use of guns, he focuses on the exercise, strategizing, and teamwork displayed throughout the game. Using clever thinking, effective comments, and clear structure he veers his readers’ towards this viewpoint on what paintball really teaches. The first thing Ross Taylor uses are clear structure, as seen in his example of how the game could appear in a player who likes violent video games. A soldier spots an opposing soldier, takes a shot, looks around for more enemies and gets shot more than one time, a…show more content…
Parents worry about their children’s safety and health. However, Ross Taylor assures his readers that if played properly, it can build teamwork, muscle growth and strength, and is not dangerous. To our author parents and any other adult has nothing to worry about. He tackles into the misconceptions of what goes on during the game. For example, all sports have the potential to cause injuries to the players. Somebody could get hit in the eye with the paint, or someone could trip over an obstacle. To avoid any mishaps, all sport games have a referee who makes sure that the games are played fairly and safely. In paintball, players are allowed the chance to surrender instead of being taken hostage and no violent acts are allowed. This means that any person who punches, hits, kicks or tries to grab someone they are eliminated. The point he makes in this explanation appeals to the emotions of the parents reading the

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