Paintball Personal Statement

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Pop pop pop the sound of the other kids’ paintball markers sending dozens of paintballs at sixty feet per second past my head. Typical school sports have never truly interested me, but paintball is something else. For the past three years, I have become increasingly involved in the sport, but I have yet to have my own team. At Indiana University I plan on joining a paintball team club or starting one. Paintball is one thing outside academics that I am truly passionate about. I am considering pursuing a major in business because it will open doors for me to establish various solutions to a multitude of financial conflicts or global business trade issues. After visiting Indiana University and hearing about the prestigious Kelley School of Business, it has further piqued my interest to become a student in the business field. Attending Kelley would be my…show more content…
My father has been in aviation his entire life, and it has definitely become a passion of mine. My dream is to become a pilot in the Air Force flying unbelievably massive beasts they call cargo planes, and ultimately being a commercial pilot traveling the world flying 750,000 pound Boeing 747’s. Pilots who have spent many hours in the cockpit have a significant amount of time off and at home. I am pursuing this position and with that time off in the far future, I intend on using my degree to create a business involving paintball. I want to see paintball become a sport that is commonly spectated and played among millions of young athletes internationally, and I believe I can create a company that helps promote this change. There are many opportunities I wish to pursue at Indiana University, and I am not discouraged by stepping outside of my boundaries when it comes to joining or starting clubs, or even the rigorous academic courses that will challenge me. College is extremely overwhelming, but I am excited to earn what I have worked seventeen years
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