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Title- Fitness tips from Aamir Khan, Bollywood diet secrets

Bollywood celebrities fitness plans- Introduction:
We all are fans of Bollywood, the biggest film industry in India. It succeeds in entertaining the million of audiences in India and some other parts of the world. However, working in a movie is not as easy as it seems. A lot of hard work and dedication requires to survive in this industry, so only one of the best can survive in this industry. Celebrities also has to meet the expectations of the directors for the role. All these things also affect them physically and mentally, but they always look active and with full of energy.
Do you know, how is that possible for them ? Well, the secret lies in the diet they follow.
Don’t believe? Then take a look at
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His hard work and dedication for Indian film industry has won him the Filmfare Award and IIFA Award for some of his hit movies like Rang De Basanti, Lagaan and the list goes on. He always gives a 100% at everything he does.

Aamir Khan’s diet chart and fitness plan:
Aamir shared his teachings with regards to body transformation on his blog post, on 16th may, 2010. According to him, healthy and balanced diet, exercise, and rest are the 3 most important things to lead a healthy lifestyle. He claims that a balanced diet is ⅓ protein, ⅓ fat and ⅓ carbohydrates, and suggested you to head the qualified dietician if you wish to lose weight. “Important thing is that eating less is not a healthy and balanced diet”, says Mr. Perfect. He also ate small meals frequently to increase his metabolism rate. He also adds that during Ghajini, he was eating every half hours.
At the time, he used to have eggs for breakfast, green vegetables with meat for lunch and grilled meat with salad on dinner. In between, he also used to drink protein shakes and munch on nuts, especially before a workout, and drink 3-4 liters of water at
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