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Paislee 's pov

I allowed my body to flow effortlessly as I was very closely surrounded by all of my friends and quiet a few people I barely even knew. We had been dancing at my sweet 16 as I began to lose all track of time. I was wearing the dress I had picked out a week before with my nude heals and I felt beautiful. The party was held at my friends house because she had insisted on it. She had decorated the entire place with blue and black and covered it with polkadots. The cake was huge and the music was great, everyone had been having a good time.
I decided to take a break from dancing and walked over to the desert table to see what was left when I saw Emily. She had been a terrible person ever since I met her but I decided to give her
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I did have a really strong passion for the sun. I did long for it everyday, it 's the thing I love most about the scientific parts of the world.

"Your spirit is from the sun. You are part of the sun, that 's why you feel that way. People who contain such spirits begin to develop powers as soon as they turn 16, sometimes maybe even a couple of days before. Today when the fire caught in the kitchen you were mad right?"

"I mean yeah" I said

"Well that 's what started the fire and I 'm here to over time teach you how to control those feelings and use your powers properly. I 'm guessing you still don 't believe me so I 'm just going to have to show you I suppose."

He held his hand out with his palm facing upwards. I began to notice a flame begin to rise from his hand growing larger and larger until it shut off completely. I looked at him in utter amazement suddenly believing everything he had said.

"Why didn 't you just show me that in the first place?"

"Some people like to use their powers a lot and some don 't, I just happen to be one who doesn 't."

I just looked at him in shock for a while until he finally said "come on, I 'll take you home tonight and we will

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