Paiute Tribe Research Paper

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The Paiute tribe was from northern & southern of northern Arizona,Utah,Nevada,Oregon & eastern California & lived in the southern & northwestern portions of the Great Basin.The northern Paiute speaked western Numic branch of the Shoshonean division of the uto-aztecan language family.The southern Paiute had the similar language of the northern Paiute.The southern spoke the similar southern Numic branch ;The southern & Northern are different by the southern being moral & peaceful.The northern were a little unkind (or brutal).The southern & northern are adapted to their source changing & there are deep philosophical & spiritual meaning. They lasted until the late 1700 's & early 1900 's.

The Paiute were very mobile & were mostly in the highland forest of the Rocky Mountain westward to the Sierra Nevada range & the desert lowland in between.The tribe length (or how many people are in the tribe) determine how much food there will be
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The Indian removal act of May 28,1830 is a law that is moving Indians to the west of Mississippi River & not let them stay in the southeast where they belong.The pyramid lake war is a search for gold because in Nevada the white were searching for gold in the Paiute territory & the white were (not on purpose) they were destroying natural resources while they were looking for gold.The Mexican-American war is about the rights of Texas & the United States of America paid Mexico $15 million for the land that later became know as California.Dawes act of February 8,1887 is that act of separating Indian tribes with 160 to 360 acres of land or grazing land if any Indian follows the act & "helps them" fit in with the white 's,but in reality it "helps" them create classes of federally depended Indians.This are some of the many event that included the Paiute tribe.Other examples are "Indian appropriation act of March 3,1871" & "The massacre at wounded knee of December 29,1890.That what the Paiute tribe influenced in the western
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