Pakistan Conflict: The Conflict Between India And India

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AYESHA UMAR BSS-3A 01-155162-036 Pakistan India conflict India Pakistan conflict is the one of the biggest conflict in the history of Pakistan. It is one of the long-lived, long standing and indecisive conflict of history and contemporary world. Countless lives are forfeited in Pakistan India conflict. All of this was evoked when British left subcontinent and Britain Empire desist in subcontinent. Two nations emerged out of the sub-continent based on different ideology…show more content…
The two nations that emerged were named as India and Pakistan. The dividing line between India and Pakistan was offbeat. After dividing the north West part was known as West Pakistan and the population in Eastern part was majority Muslims so those area was known as East Pakistan also known as Bangladesh. After separation these two Asian countries were against each other. The rivalry between these two countries leads toward many wars and nuclear weapons tests. Both countries invested a large portion in defence budgets. A race was carried out to become the super power of south Asia which affected the economic growth of both countries. The conception of India Pakistan conflict is deep seated in the theme of religious and political matter. Kashmir issue is the one of the biggest conflicts between Pakistan and India. There are also many other issues between India and Pakistan like water, 1965and 1971 wars, nuclear test, Mumbai attacks, security of their borders and different religious ideologies and theories. The biggest conflict is the Kashmir conflict

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