Pakistan International Airlines Case Study

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Pakistan International Airlines commonly known as PIA is the national flag carrier of Pakistan. Its main hub is Karachi while Lahore and Islamabad are its secondary hubs. The airline was founded on 23 October 1946 as Orient Airways, before the Partition of British India. The airline was nationalized on 10 January 1955 and was renamed Pakistan International Airlines. It is Pakistan 's largest airline with more than 30 airplanes. PIA is going through a procedure of privatization to shift management from government to the private sector. Pia faces competition with international as well as national airlines, but right now it is passing through severe crises because of poor management, lack of planning, corruption, political interference and other external and internal factors. It is unable to cope up with its expenses and facing huge amount of loses. It needs good leadership, highly qualified staff and advancement in technology to overcome the hurdle and survival.
1.1 Purpose
It is saddened to see that our national airline in fact one of the world’s best airlines is suffering miserably. There are many reasons in the bucket which contributed to the devastation of our airline. Our main purpose of the project is to identify what are the main causes of Pia’s downfall, who is responsible and what measures we should adopt to manage the growing crises of the airline.
1.2 Limitations
Although the project is successful in meeting the objective but there were few limitations as well:

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