Pakistani Print Media Case Study

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Chapter 4
4.1 Introduction
This chapter is comprises in the study the effects of ownership in Pakistani print media, a study of three leading Urdu news papers of Pakistan. This chapter elaborates the design, and methodology of research. This explains the qualitative research approach. It is tool of data collection and process of data collection. It also includes population, pilot study of research, interview guide, Rationale of selecting interviewees and unit of study.
4.2 literature review
In present study excess of literature was reviewed in same study area. While going through the comprehensive literature the researcher realized that several studies of self censorship were conducted under the umbrella of gate keeping and control
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Methodology is basically a model that is employed by a researcher during his/ her research project.
Present study “gate keeping in Pakistani print media” researcher takes a qualitative approach using interview to collect the data. Silverman (2000) claims “that qualitative researchers throughout the years have had their methodology that is recognized and explained by the social scientific world, thanks to their achievements and results”.
4.3 Qualitative
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Patton (2002) writes” that the purpose of an interview is “to allow us to enter the other person’s perspective” Kvale (1996) “explains that interviews may be used in a qualitative research study to understand the respondents’ world, because such an understanding is rooted in the perceptions of their own experiences, which entails eliciting factual and meaningful information”.
The method of data collection of this study is in-depth interview. The in-depth interview is an detailed conversation, but it has a different aim from that of an ordinary conversation. Berger (1998) “explained that in-depth interviews are conducted to get at particular issues, such as hidden feelings or attitudes and beliefs of which a Respondent may not be aware or that are only dimly in his or her consciousness. An in-depth interview is a qualitative research technique that allows for person to person discussion”.
In-depth interview offers to interviewers more freedom to ask question by changing the wording and order of questions and arrange it in this way that it can meet goals of

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