Palace Of Versailles

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life quality of the under-developed but also stimulating social inclusiveness. To give another example is the Palace of Versailles in France which displays a remarkable architectural achievement from the 18th century and also tells about the past political conflicts during the French revolution. Due to its rich history, the palace has been a subject of numerous researches by art historians, architects, and conservation specialists alike, offering scholars with intellectual as well as historical enlightenment most notably in French historiography. The palace also made substantial revenues from tourist visitation, however the educational benefits offered by the inherent cultural significance are just equally important. Tourism driven by a sustainable exploitation of tangible sites such as the Virunga National park may encourage a community-based economic activity and yield revenue for the local government to help combat poverty. At the same time, a site such as the Palace of Versailles may also offer resources for tremendous historical learning. From the intangible point of view, non-material heritage assets…show more content…
The word wellbeing entails a multifaceted dimensions; it can’t be solely measured through the physiological lens alone, but should also be viewed through the fulfillment of non-physiological indicators, such as emotional state. In this case, culture may add a dynamic dimension to the quality of life. It becomes a medium for social interaction allowing individual to engage in dialogue and cooperation, while at the same time acting as a medium of expression, where individual has the opportunity to channel their emotions, creativity, ideas and innovation. These are essential factors that sustain human life beyond biological
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