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The Palace of Versailles, built just a few miles outside the capital of Paris is a true example of royalty and a seamless, flawless piece of architectural work built by a man, a king, an absolute monarch, King Louis XIV. Louis XIV was born heir and successor to Louis XIII and took throne after his father’s untimely death. As Louis XIV took control, his 72-year long reign of absolute monarchy began and ended only when his eyes shut (longest rule amongst any monarchs at his time), making him “history’s best example of an absolute monarch” (Ramírez, “Absolute Monarchy and France”). He was also known as the “Sun God” (Ramírez, “Absolute Monarchy and France”) because he believed the entire universe revolved around him. To consolidate his rule in absolutism, he built the Palace from a mere royal hunting lodge, to one of history’s greatest Palaces. The building of the Palace led to centralization of power in France, rapid spreading of French culture and etiquettes across Europe, and is a building of great importance even today.
The Palace of Versailles is a
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Although the Palace is centuries old, even in present day, it is used for important national occasions, high-level meetings, and as a beautiful tourist landmark. It is a notable fact that even today, the Prime Minister of France visits the Palace on the Republic day as an action of respect to the French history. Moreover, important government meetings involving head of states, are held at the Palace all year around. In addition, the Palace is also thought to be amongst France’s greatest tourist attractions. A noteworthy example of influence inflicted by the Palace on Europe was based on Peter the Great of Russia. Taking inspiration from Louis XIV, Peter the Great built many Palaces across Russia. The most famous one amongst the Russian Palaces was the Czar’s Winter
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