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The Questions What does your “diet” include or involve? The Paleo diet (also called the caveman diet) mimics the simplistic diet of our ancestors from the paleolithic era and consists of foods that were most often hunted or gathered. Since this took place before the agricultural evolution, it mainly consists of vegetables, fruits, roots, seafood, grass-fed meat, eggs, poultry, and nuts. However, this fad diet does not permit the consumption of dairy products, grains, sugar, legumes, processed oils, salt, alcohol, or coffee. Is this a healthy choice? Explain. Based on my research, I believe that the Paleo diet can be a healthy option to those wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle with its supposed improvements in body composition and metabolic…show more content…
As stated above, the Paleo diet strictly focuses on eating the foods that were typically hunted or gathered, so items like rice, bread, dairy, or any foods with added salt or sugar are forbidden. With this in mind, it may be difficult for individuals on this diet to stick to it because when time is a constraint in our daily lives, or our cravings get the better of us, we may occasionally turn to these forbidden foods out of convenience. In some cases, individuals on this diet may extremely limit their carbohydrate, fat, and/or sodium intake, which may result in low blood sugar levels and a constant feeling of low energy. As a result, individuals with these symptoms may inevitably consume a snack to meet the needs of their body. Another reason people fail to stick to this diet results from not seeing any visible improvements in their body or general health. These individuals who get quickly discouraged or are not fully committed to the diet may choose to give up this journey. Finally, failure may stem from an economic factor due to the high cost to maintain the Paleo diet. Natural foods are not cheap these days, so people may attempt to cut corners and spend less on food by opting to spend their money on items that do not adhere to the paleo

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