Paleo Diet

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Top 20 Foods On The Paleo Diet
1. Coconut Oil
Coconut is a potent source of Lauric acid, a heart healthy fatty acid that has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Due to these factors, coconut oil is a great choice for boosting the immune system, through destruction of bacteria and viruses.
More precisely, if you are trying to lose weight, coconut oil can help burn fat and clean up the body, as it boosts its ability to process long chain fatty acids. The Lauric acid in the coconut oil also increases the amount of lauric acid in breast milk. This powerful anti-microbial fatty acid can be very effective in improving immune system in babies and even fetus when they are in the womb. The acid, once it reaches the cells, is converted into
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The berries are also good in rehabilitating the brain function.
Tip: Look for those deep blue colored blueberries, as they have high antioxidant properties.
12. Beets
Beets have a nutrient referred to as betalains, which is rare in other vegetables. This substance has strong antioxidant properties that can detox the body more effectively that most veggies. That’s not all; beet is rich in fiber, iron, calcium and vitamin C.
Tip: Ensure that you buy fresh beets and then prepare them by steaming or grilling in order to soften them. Do not buy pickled beets in jars or salad bars, as they don’t offer many benefits.
13. Lean Beef
During the Paleolithic times, humans ate a lot of meat. However, keep in mind that beef is allowed only if it’s lean cuts from organic or grass fed cattle. Organic meat is recommended since it is not treated with chemicals, antibiotics or hormones that can be toxic to the body.
Lean beef has low saturated fats and high quality protein. The protein is an important building block for strong muscles and also improves satiety.
Note: Remember that meat has no fiber so eat together with
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18. Grapefruit
The fruit is rich in vitamin C, which can help you remain energized throughout the day and has metabolism boosting properties. Grapefruit also contains vitamin A, B 6 and magnesium. That’s not all; grapefruit can also fight cancer and regulate cholesterol to healthy levels. This is good news given that some Paleo diet foods contain cholesterol.
You can start off your morning with a healthy bite of grapefruit to sustain you throughout the day. The fruit can also replace those sweet snacks and make you fuller for longer.
19. Apple
Apple fruit is high in fiber and antioxidants that help you fight cancer and other degenerative diseases among them Alzheimer’s. Apples are handy since they are satiating (because they are rich in fiber content known as pectin) and thus are good snack options.
They are rich in vitamin C and potassium that help boost energy levels. Reach for organic ones since many of them may contain chemicals such as pesticides, which you are trying to avoid since you are on the paleo diet.


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