Paleolithic And Neolithic Similarities

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The Paleolithic and Neolithic Time Periods were drastically different from one another yet they each carried great similarities to one another. These difference varied in 3 major aspects: Socially, Religiously, and Technologically. These differences and the similitude to one another greatly affected humans and how they behaved.

The social aspect had changed dramatically during the Neolithic and the Paleolithic. One critical difference between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Time Periods was the lifestyle of people. In the Old Stone Age, people had been nomadic, travelling in large groups and hunting. They lived and thrived through hunting and gathering. In the New Stone Age, people adopted a more sedentary lifestyle and began to domesticate
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In the Old Stone Age, there were two vital technological advances: language and fire. Language was so crucial to Paleolithic man because it helped them communicate and share ideas. The ability to control fire had allowed for numerous uses varying from a light source, a heat source, to cooking food. These two advances in technology helped the Paleolithic man thrive. The Neolithic period, however, had far more sophisticated advances such as the ability to domesticate animals and cultivate plants. This revolutionized the way people lived and affected the everyday lives of man. Writing and pottery were also invented allowing people to express their ideas and make useful everyday items. People also had started to keep time and invented calendars during this era which allowed them to be far more organized. Some other major technological changes were in the tools of the people. During the Paleolithic time period, people had used tools made of wood and stone. They had also created tools and weapons like the harpoon and axe. Like the technological advances, the Neolithic people also advanced in the complexity of their tools. Sickle blades and grinding stones emerged because of the rise of agriculture and had made it easier to farm crops. Instead of having wood axes, the Neolithic People now had stone axes which made it easier to cut down forests or areas and get wood easily. This also allowed for shelter to be created more efficiently. These were some major technological changes and advances in tools between the Neolithic and Paleolithic Era.

The final major aspect that things had drastically changed was religiously. During the Neolithic
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