Paleolithic Vs Neolithic Research Paper

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Early humans upgraded from the Paleolithic Age to the Neolithic Age in many ways. Paleolithic people needed to make tools and and adapt to their environment in order to survive. In the Neolithic Age, they started trading, making goods, building communities, and farming. Early people made great advancements. To begin with, Paleolithic people did many things to help them survive. The Paleolithic Age was also called the Old Stone Age. The Age started around 2.5 million years ago and ended when the Ice Ages ended which was around 8000 B.C. Men and Women did different jobs. Women stayed near the campsite and took care of the children. Men went out and hunted for food. In the text it says,”Over time, paleolithic people invented spears, traps, bows, and arrows.” They figured out how to make tools that are easier to use. Paleolithic People had a hard time adapting to the cold from the Ice Age. It was very difficult to survive. The text says,” The Ice Age was a threat to human life.” The Paleolithic Age was a hard time for most people.…show more content…
People in the Neolithic Age developed new things like farming. Farming was happening all over the world. People were able to live longer because food was easier to get. They even had extra food! They also started building communities. People settled in communities and weren’t nomads any longer. It gave them a place to stay instead of building and rebuilding homes. They also started to produce goods and trade. This was helpful because they could trade with other people to get things that they don’t have, or can’t make. The text says,”In the Neolithic Age people started farming, building communities, producing goods, and trading”. Many advancements were made in the Neolithic Age. In conclusion, there were impressive discoveries in the Paleolithic and Neolithic ages. The Paleolithic made some discoveries, but the Paleolithic made many. Early People made many
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