Why Paleontology Is Important To Study

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Why study the past? Paleontology Paleontology is the study of what fossils tell us about the ecologies of the past, about evolution, and about our place, as humans, in the world. Paleontology incorporates knowledge from various fields, even computer science, to understand the processes that have led to the origination and eventual destruction of the different types of organisms. Paleontology is essential for working out the history of the earth. Another application of paleontology is the use of fossils in the oil industry to determine the age of the rocks encountered in drill cores, which is vital to determining where the oil, if any, might be. Then, of course, there are the biological applications of paleontology. Much of the evidence used to refine the…show more content…
Because of his motor neuron disease, he had to undergo a surgery that removed his ability to speak on his own. Regardless, he never stopped talking. Undoubtedly, his genius and knowledge would have been useless to anyone else if he hadn’t found a way to, somehow, communicate effectively. This must have been a great motivation for him to adopt his own way of speaking. Now he communicates through a computerized voice system. Moreover, Hawking is a popular writer. His first book, "A Brief History of Time," became an international best seller. Despite its difficult subject matter, the book has been read by legions of people, because the physicist made it so accessible. Keep it simple. When writing “A Brief History of Time”, Hawking abandoned jargon and mathematical formulae, in order to make science understandable for the common man. He recommends thinking in pictorial terms and using mental images in words with the help of familiar analogies and
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